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  6. The user that introduces any content in this website, expresses the absolute legality of the same and expressly assumes all type of responsibility that can be derived from these contents.


  1. Respect and Education: Users must maintain appropriate standards of conduct with other members. Respect and education will also apply to nicks, avatars and signatures. It is strictly forbidden, in messages, nicknames, avatars and signatures, those that incite violence, racism, or relate to political and / or religious motives, thematic that we leave outside these forums, as well as any other subject to create controversy or discomfort in the community.

  2. Open threads in the appropriate section: Please help maintain the order of the forum; post therefore in the section appropriate to your problems. Each section contains a detailed explanation of what should be included in it. If you have questions, ask the Moderators.

  3. It is not allowed to use more than one nick by one person: The use of two or more nicks by the same person may result in expulsion from the forum and / or cancellation of that user.

  4. It is not allowed to post anything related to the illegitimate use of software. Message containing such data or webs that provide them, will be edited and closed.

  5. SPAM is prohibited in any form. Advertising of any kind is not allowed

  6. If you want to ask for explanations about something to those responsible for the forum, use a Private Message, do not open a public thread.

  7. If you see that you are closed or delete some thread / post, do not open another to ask for explanations; The same applies to expulsions from third parties. It is not moderated without reasons and the explanation is in these norms. If even after reading them you do not understand, you can go to any moderator or administrator via Private Message