Cartes do not see Java 8 components?

We have installed Java 8 on the machine and configuring Access Bridge. However, Robot Cartes does not see the Java applications.
We open the Java32 engine perfectly in the RPA Developer. Any idea what’s going on?



In later versions than Java 7.6 it’s not necessary to install Access Bridge, because it’s integrated. You juts need to execute this in the Windows command line console:

%JRE_HOME%\bin\jabswitch -enable (or -disable if you want to deactivate it)

Hope it helps you!

That’s the first thing I did. It does not work.
I installed the java virutal machine with the administrator user, I configured the Access Bridge, I tried Cartes with Java and it goes all ok. Then I restarted Windows, logged in with my user and Robot Cartes no longer sees Java applications. What do I do wrong?:weary: It’s a Windows 7