Cartes is hung with an HTML click


this week I have been asked 2 rpa developers for the same problem.

An HTML link shows an information window when it is clicked, and then it is necessary to press the “ok” button in the window to continue. Robot Cartes stops responding, hangs up, when they click on an HTML link and does not get to click on the “ok” button. That is to say…

It does not work. :disappointed_relieved:

I already know the solution. What do you propose?:thinking:

Hi there!

Make sure the window is showing before giving the order to click on its button. You have several options to do this like using “WaitForComponent” or asking for the property “.visible”, for instance.

Hope it helps, bye!

It’s not that, it’s easier.:nerd_face:

Cartes executes the click of the link and the execution of the click does not end until the window with the information is closed. That’s why Robot Cartes is hanging :skull: : He is still executing the click.

To solve the problem you can send the spacebar to the link, and you will not have to wait for the execution.

$ link.browser_focus;
$ link.focus;
$ link.browser_type (“space”);