Drop-down menu in chrome using c#

Good morning, I’m doing a small project for internal testing at the company and I need to access a drop-down menu in a chrome window to select a certain value, the values ​​are “YES” “NO” “MAYBE” I’m having trouble searching for the record in the drop-down and select the given. Already look in the examples and in the forum without success

I believe that using the IRPAWin32Combobox32 library I can solve it, but I can’t convert an RPAWin32Component to it

To capture components that disappear with focus use the “Auto” option. In this video you can see how it is used.

If you cannot cast the component, it is because it is not an IRPAWin32Comboxbox32. You can find out the nature of the component by consulting the RPA Developer.


Thanks for the feedback Xavier, my difficulty is being in a ‘combobox’ on a web page, like the image below, I do the capture but I can’t change the value in the combo to yes/no, do you have an example for the web case?


when we hit the mapping returns us as follows

Hello good morning, you can try the following:
1.- Capture all the component that groups the three options, I recommend you do the capture on the automation container.
2.- Ask about the number of descendants of the component that the three values ​​you mention should be.
3.- Proceed to go through the component and depending on the value you want to select, you can use the component’s “route” property to ask for the name.
4.- If the name is the same as the one you want to select, you use the route property again to click on that record.

Hello @mestrinel,

Try using DropDownMenuName.Value = “YES” ,WhatEverComponentName.Value = “NO” or WhatEverComponentName.Value = “MAYBE”.

You need to guarantee the Value is exactly the same than the value on the dropdown menu.

Let me know if this works for you!

@sgomez, the question is referring to the RPA suite, it is not a C # question. @mestrinel doesn’t know how to assign value to a combo.

@mestrinel , you can try capturing the component as an Automation.
Anyway, you can read the value of the component and throw the key up or down if the value is not what you want.

Try this. To me it has worked. Add a loop to verify that the value is correct.

$combo.typeword(“Sim”, 0, 0);

yo si tengo ese error

¿Qué error? Todo versa en que una persona no sabe asignar valor a un componente, y además se resuelve su problema de varias formas en el mismo hilo.