Process get blocked and Robot not responding

I have a process that seems to hang, the instance of the Robot seems that is not responding, but I can see that the CPU is working with high values. The thread never comes back.

Any help will be appriciated.

Does it happen to you every time or sometimes?
Does that happen with the process or does that happen from the RPA Developer?
Have you identified the line of code?

You have to give us more clues.:thinking:

It happens every time, but in different lines of execution, which make me think that is not code issue.

It happens on both environments, RPA Developer and executing the process.

The first answer may apply for the third question…

Desktop applications are not built to be hardy. A human agent demands very little performance from these applications. However, a robot manages them at high efficiency and many latent problems can appear. Get used to closing everything from time to time to avoid these problems. Robot Cartes does it by itself in swarming mode.

When you get to the point of the workflow with the problem try closing the application and reopening it.

Tell me if that works for you.

Yes, it works, thanks.

Visually is not a quite elegant solution, but saves my day!