Request: VBS example - "Hello World" without .crty extension

Hi, thanks to Rigel for providing this great platform without cost to me. I really appreciate it!

I’m trying to work with “Cartes.CartesObj” as a COM object from VBS (well, actually I’m porting the VBS to AutoHotkey, but the syntax is very similar). On page 13 of the the RPA Developer Guide (in English, that is) is the following snippet:

Set Cartes = CreateObject("Cartes.CartesObj")
projectPath = replace(Wscript.ScriptFullName, Wscript.ScriptName, "")
projectFile = projectPath & "NotePadExample01.crty"
result = Cartes.execute("open("""&projectFile&""");"&chr(13)&chr(10)&_
"$Notepad.value(""Hello world."");")

Might I trouble you for an example like the one above that references the ‘.rpa’ extension that (I believe) must have superseded the ‘.crty’ extension? I have tried substituting the ‘projectFile’ path that was created when I ran through the “Hello World” tutorial, but have had no luck so far.

EDIT: It does in fact work fine with the ‘.rpa’ extension substituted in VBS. Apologies!

If anyone is curious, here is a very simple but working AutoHotkey script that works with the COM object. As you can see, the AutoHotkey COM syntax is very easy for someone who already knows VBS or VBA.

cartes := ComObjCreate("Cartes.CartesObj")
cartes.balloon("Hello, Rigel developer, from AutoHotkey!")"chrome.exe")
cartes := ""

Por cierto, si no le conviene contestar en inglés, pues en castellano sería perfecto. ¡Gracias!


@burque505, yes .crty is an outdated extension.

On the other hand you are comparing the syntax of Visual Basic with Autohotkey. Not surprisingly, all programming languages look alike, they work with the same concepts. Level up and forget Autohotkey. Use C#, RPA Suite is integrated into Visual Studio and you will be able to work with all the programming concepts with an A.I.

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But for the record, not all users of RPA Developer will prefer C#. For example, as you well know Python has libraries such as pandas for extracting table data that (as far as I know) have no comparable mature library in C#.