Robot Cartes stopped working in my Java process

Hi all,

I made a Java program to automate a custom process. It worked fine for 10 days, but yesterday I ran the process and it is not working anymore.

Any idea?

hahaha … Yes, I have several ideas.

1.- Your client connects by remote desktop from time to time.

  • a - Each time he disconnect, he leaves the robot with the CTRL-ALT-SUPR screen
  • b - if he minimize the remote desktop window, he leave the robot without a keyboard.
  • c - Recommend your client to use the RPA Center to connect remotely. It is part of the RPA Suite of Robot Cartes.

2.- Your client has updated applications or permissions and does not want to tell you. Check versions of applications, policies and antivirus rules.

tell me please if it works

It´s the second option, my client had updated the JAVA Virtual Machine and Cartes stopped working in my program.

I realized that I had to copy the jacob dll file to the new JAVA bin path.

Thanks for your help.